SMB Diving is proud to bring scuba diving, open water swimming, boating and Stand Up Paddle boards to St Andrews Lakes.

St Andrews Lakes

Set within 122 acres of parkland, St Andrews Lakes boasts a 70-acre lake of fresh, crystal-clear water that slow-filters down from the Chiltern hills. With beautiful blue water and depths of over 30 metres, St Andrews Lakes is the newest inland fresh-water scuba diving site in the UK.

Nestling in a perfect countryside location, you’d be surprised St Andrews Lakes is only two miles from Junction 2 of the M2 and four miles from Junction 4 of the M20. It also has good rail connections.

St Andrews Lakes is a nature park first and foremost, which also provides water sports and fishing facilities. In the future, we hope to offer glamping and other high-quality outdoor activities too.

The dive team at St Andrews Lakes is provided by SMB Diving, and welcomes individuals and clubs alike.

We are investing in the site both above and in the water. On arrival, you will find easy parking, heated changing facilities and convenient kitting-up areas. In the water, we have a lined course to help you navigate our attractions, training platforms and abundant fish stocks. If you are new to diving, we’re here to help develop your skills and can even find you a dive buddy.

For scuba schools and clubs, we offer facilities for teaching from open water, advanced and deep speciality. We offer schools a discount so please contact us to enquire. It’s a great place to teach technical diving too. There is a classroom available for use, and our staff will ensure you have everything you need to run your course your way.

If you would like to have SUP (paddle board) lessons, or swim coaching, please contact us as we have experienced instructors who will be happy to assist.

SMB Diving

SMB Diving at St Andrews Lakes is a RAID TEC dive centre. Experienced instructors Niina and Scott created SMB Diving to:

  • Help divers (or potential divers) get what they want out of diving
  • Provide a fantastic dive site for recreational diving and teaching
  • Give support, guidance and training that helps each diver achieve their personal goals
  • Train at the highest standard specified by RAID

Niina and Scott love exploring and have dived in flooded mines, caves and under thick Finnish ice, at all times adhering to the highest dive standards. This attention to quality exploration, adventure and detail will be applied at St Andrews Lakes. Come and join us!


For Beginners and Experienced Divers

Maybe you’re a beginner, taking that first step towards learning to dive? Or perhaps you’re an experienced diver, keen to build on your experience and acquire new skills?

Talk to us! Our instructors tailor their approaches to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced divers, on an individual or group basis.

The RAID scuba diving courses available with SMB Diving at St Andrews Lakes include:

  • Try Dive
  • Junior Scuba Diver
  • Junior Open Water
  • Scuba Diver
  • Open Water 20
  • Explorer 30
  • Advanced 35
  • Master Rescue Diver
  • DECO 40
  • Performance Diver
  • Advanced Wreck (diving in an overhead environment)
  • First Aid
  • Oxygen Provider

Skills Practise and Improvement

Do you want to practise existing diving skills or work on something specific?

Maybe you need to refresh your training?

Or perhaps you just want to dive with us for fun?

Contact Us [link to contact page / form] and tell us what you need – we’ll take it from there!

Sidemount Specialists at SMBDiving

British cave diver Mike Boone developed sidemount diving while exploring Britain’s caves, and the method is rightly gaining popularity. At SMB Diving, we are sidemount divers and often use it as our preferred cylinder configuration.

The RAID sidemount speciality is focused on creating good, competent sidemount divers who dive in trim and control. If you have questions on sidemount we are very happy to help. We offer sidemount try dives and work with existing sidemount divers to improve their skills.

Sidemount is not a technical speciality nor is it a fad. Many divers end up carrying multiple cylinders as they progress through their diving career, and even those on twin sets end up with a stage slung on their harness. A sidemount course is the perfect way to learn the skill of diving with separate cylinders.

See our RAID Sidemount Speciality here.
Other RAID Specialities we provide include:

  • Navigation Speciality
  • Equipment Speciality
  • Basic Wreck Speciality
  • Nitrox Speciality
  • Deep 40 Speciality
  • Dry Suit Speciality
  • Boat Diver Speciality

To sign up for any of these courses or specialities, please register for free at


SMB Diving chose to partner with RAID as we feel our values and standards align.

The RAID Mission is ‘to be the global benchmark for diver and instructor training, through the use of cutting-edge technology and superior in-water training techniques, monitored by a fully integrated and proactive quality control system.’

For more about RAID go to: